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Catalyst cookbook

Start making healthier meals at home by downloading free recipes from our amazing cookbook.

This cookbook features over 70 great recipes that will keep you going through your training breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Simply click the button below to download our cookbook and be inspired to eat healthier meals.



Who’s making gains this weekend?!

#myboy #makinggains #mrstrong @ Catalyst Personal Training, Group Training and Barbell Club https://t.co/JXAz6VmriY

Barbell Club crew in the pain cave.

Working together to get the job done.

#barbellclub #paincave #crew @ Catalyst Personal Training, Group Training and Barbell Club https://t.co/zZH9uGcLxF

Team Catalyst going to war

#team #synchronised #worm @ Brunel University London https://t.co/M4m1lTf3zh


Did you know all of our classes are adaptable?

Our main focus is for our clients to feel comfortable when participating in our sessions. Whether you are recovering from an injury, are unable to perform a specific movement or require a variation, we can adapt our classes for your circumstances/ability.

Our classes are designed to fit all abilities and fitness levels. For more information on any of our classes or for any queries email info@catalyst-pt.co.uk
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Who wants to try HIIT?

We are doing a 2 week trial of an instructor led HIIT session with Scott

Tuesday 9.30am and Wednesday 6pm

For your chance to try out a fast paced, interval workout which will work your whole body and burn hundreds of calories. BOOK NOW and also remember this class will be adaptable to all fitness levels!

TUESDAY - get.mndbdy.ly/q6LZD5sikU

WEDNESDAY - get.mndbdy.ly/aZRlctyikU
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Transformation Time!

Here’s one of our Catalyst coaches showing the comparison in his deadlift set up. Working on his positioning and initial lifting set up.

The most noticeable thing? The fact it’s taken just shy of 11 weeks to make this slight positional change. The important thing is that like any transformation, it doesn’t happen overnight.

So whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, positional change, whatever it may be - Prepare to commit to it and not expect results overnight, because they honestly won’t happen. Set yourself a 10/12 week goal, commit to the work required to make a change and stick at it!

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